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Glenwood is located in the historic Shaughnessy neighbourhood of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

Glenwood's mission is to help men from all ways of life become competent, generous, and responsible individuals. Personal excellence, good work and study habits, and professional ambition are encouraged in a context of spirit of service, dedication to family, openness to those in need, and love of personal freedom and responsibility.


Glenwood’s programs are inspired by the message of Saint Josemaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei. Opus Dei is an institution of the Catholic Church that fosters holiness in the middle of the world and to which the activities of spiritual formation at Glenwood are entrusted.

To learn more about Opus Dei, click here.

Our Support  

Glenwood is supported by Westbrook Education Fund, a not-for-profit organization and registered charity that has as its aim the development of good personal, professional, social and spiritual qualities in all individuals inspired by the message of Opus Dei in British Columbia, Canada. 


By supporting Westbrook you are helping keep Glenwood’s program fees affordable, operations costs low, and building maintenance manageable.


Thank you for your generosity!

To learn more about Westbrook and support our work, click here

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